Community-Supported Sustainable Rice Farming

Support a rice farming community today!

We are happy to offer a rice-subscription plan that allows the community, people like you, to pay our grower partners a little bit more for their harvest, encouraging farmers to make the shift to a more climate-smart, environment-friendly, and sustainable way of growing rice.

Your upfront payment provides farmers guaranteed market and price.

Subscribe today and let's better the lives of #FarmerNanay and #FarmerTatay!


We are on a MISSION to make eco-friendly food accessible to anyone because we ENVISION a world where healthier communities enjoy naturally grown farm produce, small scale farmers reap the benefits from the fruits of their labor, and farmlands being cultivated and enriched to sustain lives today and the years to comeone community at a time!

We believe

We believe in the positive impact of eco-friendly farming.

Eco-friendly farming will benefit threefold — the environment, the communities of farmers, and consumers. We envision a world where our future generations can also enjoy the resources that we can still enjoy today.

We believe that small-scale farmers deserve dignified lives.

Our small-scale farmers are the backbone of our economy so we believe that they deserve to live a life that they can truly enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. Farmvocacy is here to guide and work with them as they transition from conventional way of farming that depletes natural resources to a more sustainable, climate-smart and environment-friendly way of feeding the nation.

We believe that consumers and farmers can work hand in hand.

We believe that by creating a partnership between consumers and farmers, we can co-create a food system that is eco-friendly and accessible to anyone.

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