Our #FarmerNanay Grower Partners

We increase farmers' income by giving them much needed "TLC"


We educate Filipino smallholder rice farmers on the benefits of shifting from a conventional, chemical farming system to a climate-smart, environment-friendly and sustainable farming system

We also teach and demonstrate to them a system that increases yield, reduces production cost, and ultimately increases their profit.


We load up our grower partners with certified organic farm inputs such as fertilizer and insect repellent, and teach them cultural management practices that not only increases the yield, but also result to safe, high quality farm produce.


We connect our grower partners to consumers who want to provide high quality, safe, farm-produced food to their family, all while supporting the advocacy of uplifting the lives of Filipino smallholder farmers.

Delivery fee of ₱50 per item (available in Metro Manila only)

Our delivery service starts on June 1, 2021 but you can pre-book your orders now!

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