We are a startup with the aim of helping farmers live a dignified life!

The sad reality is, there are still 3 million Filipino farming household living in extreme poverty. In fact, before they even plant a single seed, they are already in debt. These farmers rely on high interest loans from traders, their current farming system produces low yield, and lastly they have no direct access to market. All these result to farmers’ daily income of only P125/day.

Farmvocacy runs an inclusive sustainable business model that provides growers with training on climate-smart, environment-friendly and high-yielding farming system. With the increase in yield and Farmvocacy's e-commerce platform, our grower partners are now able to have access to guaranteed market who buys their produce at a fair price thereby increasing their income from P125/day to almost P500/day.

Why we do what we do

Our Vision

Empower Filipino smallholder farmers to live a dignified life, where they are proud of the feeding the nation with healthy & sustainable food today and for future generations.

Our Mission

Partner with Filipino smallholder farmers in an inclusive food value chain business model that promotes the use of sustainable farming to improve food quality and profitability.

Our Values

Social Impact Driven

Our decision-making process and actions will always be aligned with our mission of uplifting the smallholder farmers through sustainable agriculture.

Community Building

Our goal is to build a community of Farmvocates who will work together with us in uplifting our beneficiary farmer communities.


We strongly encourage the use of certified organic farm inputs, which are good for the product and help protect the environment for future generations.


We treat all of our employees, grower partners, customers and investors- with empathy. We understand that we all come from different backgrounds.


Our daily actions reflect our core values, as we strive to achieve the greater good, not only when it is convenient but most especially when it is not.


We believe in giving our employees, grower partners, customers and investors what is rightly due them, without favoritism and discrimination.

Our Team


Vincent is a B.S. Agriculture graduate from University of the Philippines Los Baños. He heads the farm operations helping smallholder rice farmers increase their yield and income.

Rice grown with "TLC"

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