Corporate Farmvocate Program

Our corporate Farmvocate Program is a farming community sponsorship program designed to create opportunities for companies like yours to support a farming community as part of your sustainable development plans.

Your company can provide the farming community the seed capital while Farmvocacy takes care of assisting them in their transition to sustainable rice production.

At the end of the copping season, you may choose to purchase their produce for your employee rice benefits.

If you are looking for ESG initiatives, this collaboration will allow us to;

  • create real economic impact to farmers by increase their revenue by as much as 30%-50%.
  • help reduce the water requirements to produce 1kg. of rice from 3,000 liters to 2,000 liters
  • empower more #FarmerNanay or women farmers to earn more

If you want to learn more and explore ways to collaborate, connect with us at!

Below is one of our ongoing corportate Farmvocate program in partnership with PLDT Smart.