The Problem

Cycle of Poverty

For many decades, the Filipino rice farmer has lived knowing two familiar cycles: the first is of planting and harvest; the other, a cycle of poverty.

While the first is necessary for his living, we, at FARMVOCACY, believe the other is not. However, current farming systems continuously conspire to keep the farmer entrenched in a cycle of poverty. Among them:

• High interest rates for farming loans (up to 5%-8% per month; usually through “loan sharks”)

• Low yield on harvest time due to outdated farming practices

• Opportunistic traders who buy the yield below market value

• Influx of imported rice from neighboring Asian countries

• No access to markets where they can sell their produce for profit

Our Solution

Farmvocate Community-Supported Sustainable Agriculture (CSSA) 

With the farmer already living on an average daily wage of just ₱156, we at FARMVOCACY would like to step up to the plate on the farmer’s behalf; and we invite you to join us by becoming a Farmvocate.

Our intent is to uplift the lives of farmers by improving their means of living. We will make this possible by disrupting the current system and removing the unprincipled middlemen (loan sharks/traders) from the farming cycle. Furthermore, we will make this agricultural reboot sustainable by involving the community. In this model of Farmvocate - rice subscription and grower sponsorship program – which counts you, rice consumers, and other concerned individuals – directly participate in the FUNDING and PURCHASE of the farmers’ produce through a system of subscription.

This guarantees that farmers are fairly funded and their produce bought at a fair price. Through implementing a fairer farming system, FARMVOCACY will offer farmers:

• provision of sustainable, certified-organic farm inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides) that increase yield by 40%

• training growers climate-smart, environment-friendly and sustainable system of growing rice.

• assist them in securing a guaranteed market for their produce by connecting them directly to consumers.

Our initial beneficiaries will be the rice farmers of Mindoro – an island known for growing the Dinorado rice variant, regarded for its aroma and delicacy. It is also the island where the poorest rice farmers are. Because Mindoro is an island, most of the farmers there pay more for farm inputs and get less for their farm produce. This is because the inputs and harvested rice need to be shipped to and from the main island of Luzon, where the highly urbanized cities are located. 

Mr. Bernard Hernando, Farmvocacy Grower Partner from Sta. Cruz, Occidental Mindoro

How can you help?

We are promoting rice discounts through your donation!
Your sponsorship of PHP500 to a grower partner will allow you to enjoy 3-months access to a 3% discount on every rice purchase you make! This will guarantee a market for our grower partners harvest before they even plant a single seed. This is the essence of Farmvocate Community-Supported Sustainable Agriculture (CSSA).

Our Target Number of Farmvocates

Our Tipping Point

We are targeting to support 200 growers and connect them to 4,000 Farmvocates who will provide these farmers guaranteed market for their products. This sponsorship fee will go to: grower partner's seed funding requirements for their planting requirements for the next cropping training expenses to support our effort in educating farmers about sustainable farming technology that has the potential to double farmers’ yield per hectare provide technical support to all grower partners at the start of the planting season until their harvest support our community development program that will help growers live their dream of having a dignified life. Your sponsorship will go a long way to increase farmers income and remove their dependence on traders who lend them production loans at high-interest rate while buying their produce at a very low price.

Our Stretched Goal

But why stop with our tipping point when we can help more growers. Please help us reach our stretch target of supporting 400 growers and connect them with 8,000 families who will both buy their produce and sponsor. 

How the Sponsorship Works

Step 1

After clicking on the "Donate" button below, you will be redirected to the Grower Partner page.

On the Grower Partner page, choose a Farmer you would like to donate to and click "Donate" and go through checkout and payment.

Step 2

You will receive an email notification from us confirming your subscription.

In this email we will notify you of your subscription status and will send you the discount code you will use for your rice purchases on your account.

Step 3

Once your subscription has been activated, you will enjoy a 3% discount on all your rice purchases by entering the discount code on checkout page.

For a 3-month period you will have access to this promo!

Become a Farmvocate!

Sponsor a rice grower today and become a Farmvocate!

We are aiming to uplift as many farmers' lives as we can through this campaign.

Help us reach the number of Farmvocates by donating Php500 to your selected grower partner in exchange for 3-months access to a 3% discount on every rice purchase you make!

Please help us spread the word by sharing our campaign to your friends and family.


Thank you for your support!