Despite being an agricultural country, the Philippines remains to be the leading importer of rice globally. It is alarming that our growing population which is expected to hit 142 million in 2045, still depends on imported rice. As much as we want to produce more locally, however, we are at risk of losing the next generation of farmers because of low income caused by low yield due to chemical farming that depleted natural resources and low price of unhusked rice sold to traders who themselves finance and charge high-interest loans.

Farmvocacy promotes a mutually beneficial partnership between consumers and farmers. We aim to increase small-scale farmers’ income by teaching them a system that increases yield using a climate-smart and eco-friendly farming system. Farmvocacy connects our grower partners to consumers who want high-quality, safe, farm-produced food while supporting the advocacy of uplifting the lives of Filipino small-scale farmers.



For many decades, the Filipino rice farmer has lived knowing two familiar cycles: the first is of planting and harvest; the other, a cycle of poverty.

While the first is necessary for his living, we, at FARMVOCACY, believe the other is not. However, current farming systems continuously conspire to keep the farmer entrenched in a cycle of poverty. Among them:  

  • High interest rates for farming loans (up to 5%-8% per month; usually through “loan sharks”)
  • Low yield on harvest time due to outdated farming practices
  • Opportunistic traders who buy the yield below market value
  •  Influx of imported rice from neighboring Asian countries
  •  No access to markets where they can sell their produce for profit